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Mandalay Bay

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The thing about Mandalay Bay you must remember is the water element. They have a beach and a Shark Reef Aquarium. Maybe no other resort in Vegas is so intent on getting you into the water and making you forget you’re in the middle of the desert. Their manmade, real-sand beach has a huge wave pool with realistic 25-mph waves. Lie and sunbathe here or explore the lazy rivers, swim in one of the pools. You can buy an inner tube for $10 to float yourself down the lazy river.

The beach and swim areas cover 11 acres. The Moorea Beach Club is the adult-only area which is tops-optional. Nighttime brings live concerts (which you can attend while standing in the water) and smores to eat by the firepit.

There’s also beach dining, beach drinking, and beach gambling. Next to the wave-pool beach, the casino has a beachview through its glass wall. MB has no problem with guests opting for swim attire while playing in the casino.

It is located on the South part of the Strip, which is close to the LV airport. It is in fact the furthest South of all the major Strip casinos, with the Luxor and Excalibur hotels sitting next to door. It can be seen here on Google Maps.

Casino at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Speaking of the casino, they have over 1,700 slots of denominations from a penny to $100. There’s a High Limit Room with hundred of machines. Slot tournaments every couple of weeks are part of a series which may be linked tourneys.

Poker Room: Monday through Thursday, the poker room opens at 11am and closes at 4am. On weekends it’s open 24 hours. Daily, they host 3 tournaments of No-Limit Hold’Em. Here are the details —
11am: buyin $40 and 4k chips.
3pm: buying $65 and 10k chips.
10pm: buyin $65 and 10k chips.

PokerTips had a less-than-great review of the poker room; other sites say a little better than that. A bigger deal to cardplayers are some rules that different people have noticed. These include: Declarations are binding — even if the action is not on you.
Also: Absolutely no reading at the table. (You’d think it’s the argumentative and troublesome people who run up against poker room rules, but just as often it isn’t. This no-reading rule, and one about no iPods or other electronic devices at the table, were discovered by writer/player Ashley Adams — who, we can testify, is a very, very pleasant person and a reasonable one.)

Always remember, M Life is their rewards club card, because this resort is part of MGM Entertainment, which includes MGM Grand, Bellagio, Mirage, Excalibur, and quite a few more Las Vegas hotels. So always use your card and stack up points faster because all these places’ play gets added together.

real sand beach

Hotel Features

You’ll avoid an added fee if you book reservations online rather than by phone, but if you need it, the reservation number is: 877-632-7800.

The Shark Reef and Aquarium is famous worldwide. It houses more than 2000 marine animals, including: Saw fish, Giant rays, Green Seaturtles, Piranha, Jellyfish, Golden Crocodile. As a (dry) observer you can examine the exhibit called Sea Monsters Revealed, the world’s largest collection of preserved sea creatures, or take a look at the famous Reef & Aquarium itself. At this wonderful waterworld, you can buy tickets to feed and touch the Stingrays and their neighbors the shrimp, krill and other fish; or choose the Sea Turtle Feed; the Shark Feed, or even go for a Dive with the Sharks. (For the Shark Dive you must bring proof of dive certification from a recognized dive agency, be in good health and answer a questionnaire.) Separate pricing for each; you can book them online at the MB website. Check dates and times here too.

Admission to Aquarium — $20
Sea Turtle Feed — $80 per person. Adults only
Stingray Feed — $50 per adult, $40 per child
Shark Feed — $80 per adult, $25 per group in guided tour
Dive With Sharks — $650 per single person, $1000 if 2 divers book together. This experience includes your dive, a video, and admission for up to 4 guests to watch your dive.

Shows: Michael Jackson One is a tribute to the late star.
Mandalay Bay Events Center hosts major concerts, boxing, UFC fights.



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