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Binions Part 2

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This downtown spot is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas and has gone through many changes throughout the years.  The casino was one of the only ones to offer high-stakes gambling, where no bet was too big.  Benny Binion, the original owner, undertook to give his customers the best of all worlds with nice rooms, fine dining, great gaming and free cocktails for all the visitors.  It was frontier style and there were no velvet-roped-off rooms for high rollers (there still aren’t) because Binion didn’t believe in that sort of thing. The casino was sold by the Behnen family (Becky Behnen is Benny’s daughter, and the former owner, along with her husband Nick Behnen) to a conglomerate group in 2004 and while the gaming is still the same as it was a half century ago, things have changed and not for the better.

Changes at Binions Las Vegas

The hotel portion was forced to shut down during the recession.  One of the issues with the rooms is an urgent need for renovation and repair.

binions wsopThe last guest checked out on December 14th of 2009.  Guests can still stay at the Four Queens Casino and Hotel located right across Fremont Street.

Four Queens Hotel Rooms

The Four Queens has recently been through renovations in all their rooms and offers some of the best rates to be found anywhere in Las Vegas.  The casino has partnered with this hotel to bring gamblers a taste of luxury while still offering the great gaming that is expected.  The best part of the Four Queens is that it is just a sixty-second walk from one side of Fremont Street and over.  While the Four Queens does offer their own table games, slots and video poker, they do not have a poker room. And what card player would want to miss playing on the same felt of the greats, at Benny’s tables?

During off-peak times, you can get a basic room for less than thirty dollars as long as you plan your trip on weekdays instead of weekends.  Even at high peak times of the year, room are less than eighty dollars a night and when you consider you will pay double that on the Strip this is a bargain!  The Standard rooms come with a king-sized bed or two double beds, and offer flat screen televisions.  There is room service available to all guests and internet access is available for a small additional fee.

There are three suite types with the Petite and Jacuzzi the smallest and the Deluxe Suites are the largest and offer the most luxury.  The Petite and Jacuzzi suites offer a great deal more room than the Standard rooms with one king sized bed and sofa that folds out to a queen sized bed.  There is a conversation area, big televisions and the Jacuzzi Suite comes standard with a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.  The Deluxe Suite has all of the glitz and glamour you would expect in Las Vegas and does not disappoint.  With a full living room and dining area you can have all the comforts of home.  The bedroom is located off the main room area and is fitted out with a comfortable king sized bed.

Dining At Binion’s

There are three restaurants located within the Binion’s Casino offering a choice of meal selections from the gourmet to the casual dining experience.  It is one of the few casinos in Las Vegas that does not have a buffet but there is really no need for one with the diversity of the three restaurants that are located here.

  • Top of Binion’s Steakhouse – This is the treasure of Las Vegas and is one of the best kept secrets.  The locals know and understand the great food and great deals that are offered by this restaurant and know to make a reservation well in advance as this establishment can fill up quickly.  It is located on the twenty fourth floor of the casino and remains open during the economic hardships that have recently plagued Binion’s.  The menu features Midwestern Angus Beef that has been aged and is cooked to perfection, lobster and their famous signature dish, Chicken Fried Lobster.  You get side dishes and soup or salad with every entrée with the choice of steaks from Filet Mignon to a twenty one ounce Porterhouse.  The décor takes you back to the glamour days of Vegas and the view is stunning overlooking the Las Vegas valley.
  • The Deli – If you are just hungry for a quick bite to eat and do not want to sit down to a fancy meal, you can hit up the Binion’s Deli which offers all of the deli selections you could want.  There is a great selection of soups, sandwiches and combinations both plus hotdogs and salads too.  Hit up the deli for a Frappuccino or an ice cream to beat the hot Las Vegas days.  You can even use your frequent player points to reduce the cost of the meal.  This is a perfect place for the family to have a quick lunch between tourist activities.
  • Benny’s Bullpen – Not for the faint of heart, Benny’s Bullpen is the sports’ lover’s dream when it comes to decadence and old boy style of dining.  This is more than a sport’s bar but is also a cigar lounge where you can have a great steak or burger while watching sports or checking on the line for the next game.  After your meal, enjoy a nice stogie from the fine selection available such as Romeo Y Julieta, Saint Luis Rey, Macundo or any of the other fine choices.  While this lounge has the setting of yesteryears old boy school, many ladies find a good steak, a tasty beer and a stogie are a great way to finish off an evening gambling.

Final Thoughts

While it is sad that the famous gambling hall has been affected by the economic crisis many have went through, at least closing the hotel has made it possible for the rest of the casino to stay open and maintain the standard started over a half century ago.  The Four Queens has filled in the gap that the hotel closing had created.  The restaurants are still open and still offer some of the best dining and inexpensive choices in Las Vegas.  While much has changed in the world and this place too, it is nice to know that some of the standards set are still the same.  At this casino you can still have your photo taken with a pyramid of money that totals a million dollars.  It is so nice to know that some things never change!


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