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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

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Las Vegas Grand Canyon helicopter tours are fun, adventurous and like no other experience you’ll ever have. These tours are available for individuals, families or groups. The Grand Canyon is one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” and there is nothing more exciting than seeing this amazing sight from the sky.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours leave directly from Las Vegas so you can schedule it with your other activities. Before choosing a company to use, do your research. It’s important to choose a reputable company that will give you your money’s worth and keep you safe on your tour.

When planning your tour from Las Vegas, keep in mind that the tours that leave from here only go to the west side of the canyon. If you want to view the south side, you’ll have to fly in a plane for 45 minutes or ride the bus for over 5 hours to a location where you can reach the south side of the canyon by helicopter.

The south side of the canyon is well known for its beauty but the west side has a lot to offer as well. For example, this is the only place in the Park where you can land at the base and it’s filled will all types of thrilling adventures.

helicopter tour of LV and grand canyon

Which Tour Is Right for You

You’ll need to decide which type of tour you want to take. One is the aerial tour and the other is the landing tour. The aerial tour is amazing and you’ll see the Grand Canyon in a unique and exciting way. You can see more in 30 minutes by helicopter than you could in days from the ground. During this tour, you’ll fly over the west side of the canyon where you’ll see sights such as the Skywalk, the Colorado River and Eagle Points. You’ll then return to Las Vegas.

During the landing tour, you’ll fly over the west side of the Grand Canyon but that’s not all. Some of these tours deplane so you can actually walk out on the Skywalk. Others will take you to the bottom of the canyon where you can enjoy a Champagne picnic and then get back on the helicopter to return to Las Vegas. Depending on which landing package you choose, you may board a pontoon boat and tour the canyon from the Colorado River.

The landing tour offers a more personal way to explore the Canyon and some unique views but it also cost more than aerial tours and they take longer. When choosing which tour is right for you, consider your budget and how much time you have for the tour.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Tips

Before finalizing your reservation for your tour, read the fine print and ask a lot of questions. You need to know what will happen if the trip gets rained out or if something unexpected happens and you can’t make the tour. Make the reservations for your tour in advance and confirm everything as soon as possible after arriving in the city.

If you can, book an early tour. This is usually when the visibility is the best and it normally means smoother flying. Be ready for a view unlike any you’ve ever seen. Since helicopters can fly at a low altitude, you can see so much more than you might expect.

These tours make a wonderful day trip when you need to take a break from the casinos for awhile or when you just want to add a little more excitement and adventure to your trip. Are you ready to plan yours today?



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